Jul 17, 2011

Cookie Sheet Calendar

This is my favorite project so far. I got this idea from Then She Made and I was excited to make it. She has step by step instructions on her site. 
 I made this calendar for my roommate and her husband as a wedding gift. Is was another project that I was surprised how long it took but it was really fun and I am happy with how it turned out. 

I cut each piece out of cardboard and placed a magnet 
on the back so it sticks to the cookie sheet

I used stickers, stamps, and accessories to make each day piece
Each month piece is unique but has similar qualities for consistency 

           Each month piece has has a magnet on the back and can be placed on the backside of the cookie sheet until needed. We are missing June because I gave that to them already before I finished the extra pieces :)
I made extra changeable pieces for each holiday (not all are pictured) 
to also be stored on the back until needed. 

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