Apr 7, 2011

Bathroom redesign

Master Bath remodel YAY

Day one we removed everything (except the ugly floors so we can get paint all over them) and picked up our products


                                                       Red Delicious Glidden Paint for the accent wall
We decided to use leftover paint from our counters downstairs for the rest of the walls

                                                            City Gold flooring from Lowes

Counter from Home Depot
Rustoleum Counter Paint Kit from Home Depot

And various other materials

Plus a new french door and carpet (those have nothing to do with the remodel but I am married to a carpenter so you can go to the store and only stick to one project at a time)

Before Pictures

goodbye green and checkered floors

even our counters were seaweed green


The first cream we picked we though was too dark so I decided to
prime the whole room and pick a new cream color

 Joshua took apart the counter and spray painted the insides chocolate

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